Finally, time to review a Beyond Meat burger. The truth is I have been waiting to try the Beyond Meat in the right place. I knew it was hyped for long so I wanted to give it justice and make sure I pick a burger from a place I respect. And there are very few joints I respect more than Brewdog… although I have never had a burger there. Anyway, here it is.

How tasty is the Motherf*#$&r? – 9/10

I have heard mostly positive reactions from Beyond Meat burgers but I have seen people dislike it simply because it is vegan. Well… I liked it! You can see from the score

The Burger had:

  • Beyond Meat Patty
  • Vegan Chipotle Slaw
  • Vegan Gouda
  • Roasted Red peppers
  • Baby Gem Lettuce
  • Jalapenos
  • Beetroot Brioche

As usual lets start with the patty. Which in this case feels like meat, tastes like meat, behaves like meat but it isn’t meat… its other stuff. Those other stuff are very delicious. If anything I can easily say that the Beyond Meat patties are better than 80% of the patties I have had in terms of flavour. Although texture is very similar there is more to be desired. I find myself missing the classic char and crust that you get on a good burger and somehow there is a bit less of a body to the bite of the Beyond. Other than that the flavour was really good, it felt like a high quality, well spiced fatty cut and I really liked it! I’m interesting to see it in other flavour combinations.

The cheese was for sure the biggest failure in the burger. Vegan burger patties are tasty, vegan cheese is questionable… Now, it wasn’t horrible but having real Gouda would have made the burger even better, even push it for a 10. Either better vegan cheese or put more to intensify the flavour. But for me the cheese didn’t cut it.

Not-surprised but the salad is where the vegan burger shined the most. It was an explosion of flavours. The roasted red pepper was full of flavour and very tasty. The pickled jalapenos were full of brightness and provided the right level of hot and acidity. That went absolutely great with the slaw and the Chipotle sauce used in it. The gem lettuce was maybe not needed but the flavours were intense, lovely and balanced

The brioche was really good, nice and fluffy with light toast and very flavourful. You could feel the sweetness coming from the beetroot. Overall a very well executed burger and I do recommend you try it

Burger joint venue and overall experience? – 10/10

Brewdog is one of my favorite places to visit. Great choice of beer, pretty good food and lovely atmosphere. The fries and sides are delicious and lets face it there is nothing better than a good beer following a good burger bite.

Quirkiness level of the experience? – 8/10

First Beyond Meat burger. I have had other plant based patties like Plant2.0 that have been good but not as good. The recipe was also pretty unique, worth the experience.