As you should have figured it out by now, burger reviews come in pairs. This week’s burger is again from Shake Shack’s – The Shack Meister which surprised me a lot. My opinion of Shake Shack wasn’t high but this burger completely changed it

How tasty is the Motherf*#$&r? – 8.5/10

Ths was a very simplistic burger but it was very well executed especially for a junfood, diner style burger chain. This is one of the few burgers you can have in this style and I do recommend it!

  •  Beef Patty
  • Ale-marinated Shallots
  • Cheese
  • Shake shack sauce
  • Potato bun

Thin patties are very tasty but sadly not too popular. When you thin out the patty as you cook it, you let a lot of that burned fat and crust build up. And this is where all the flavour is. It is quite unorthodox but very tasty. It is true that the meat quality could have been a bit better but the execution was great and I really loved it. It is a simple recipe yet it works so well with a junk food style burger like this one.

Of course with a burger like this you get a classic cheese melted on the patty. And that is lovely and exciting especially for all the cheese lovers. I would have hoped for a bit more cheesiness in the bites as it was lost a bit in between the shallots, tasty patty and sauce, but non the less it was pretty good.

The marinated crunchy shallots were a great addition to the burger. They provided texture, a tone of flavour and helped to hold the sauce. The mini onions complimented the beef perfectly and added that light sweetness to the pallet. Combined with the classic mustardy burger sauce – the bites were delightful. Lets talk about the sauce. Because of it the burger had a very mustard fried patty feel, yet it was different. It had the right amount of acidity and kick and finished the burger very well

The potato bun (which last time I thought was a brioche variant) added light sweetness and went great with the burger. It was lightly toasted and very soft to the touch. It finished the diner style experience.

I really enjoyed this burger!

Burger joint venue and overall experience? – 5/10

The diner junk food style burgers a very well complimented by cheese loaded fries. They are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and delicious!

Quirkiness level of the experience? – 3/10

A very basic cheeseburger with a very basic recipe. The fries with cheese is what gives the points.