Patty and Bun is a very consistent burger joint. They have always had great meat and very very juicy burgers, full of sauce. They recently reopened their location at Liverpool Street Station so I went to visit with a friend. Let’s get messy!

How tasty is the Motherf*#$&r? – 7.5/10

This was for sure a very interesting recipe. The patty reminded me of the great BabaG burgers but had a much more of a Greek style influence. I loved it

The burger had:

  • Lamb, Coriander and Chillies Patty
  • Feta Cheese
  • Butter Milk Fried Courggets
  • Pickled aubigine
  • Cumin Aioli
  • Lettuce
  • Brioche

I absolutely loved the patty. It was juciy and full of flavour. The lamb sat perfectly and was well enchanced by the chillies and the coriander. The hotness was on a very good level. Enough to be present in the palet without overwhelming or numbing the taste buds. The patty was well spiced and overall a very good example of what a good patty can and should be.

The feta cheese and the cumin aioli was what made the rest of the burger happen. The cummin goes really well with the lamb and the mayo feta combination brings contrast to the bite. The flavlours both balance each other but you can feel them separately which is what makes the whole experience so unique. Lamb with yogurt is a very clasic combination and the feta takes the place of the yogurt flawelessly.

The thing that I didn’t understand about the burger were the vegetables. You had the deep fried courggets which added texture to the experience but not much flavour and you have the pickled aubigine that was completly lost in the other strong flavours. If you had more of one or the other I think the balance was going to be there. A stronger pickle feel was missing from the burger. The lettuce was a whole leaf, thin and didn’t have much taste. Shred it so you can put more and get the flavour out of it. Also you won’t get all the sauce to drip away from it.

The brioche was well toasted and tasty but due to the sauciness it quickly got soggy but I guess this is the charm of the burger.

Burger joint venue and overall experience? – 6/10

They have great fries and a good selection of beer. I do like the burger joint a lot but I don’t like the fact burgers are served in a paper even when you sit it. Considering how saucy they are the paper tray isn’t the best experience.

Quirkiness level of the experience? – 7/10

This really reminded me of the Baba G lamb burgers. This recipe encompasses a lot of Greek/Middle-eastern influence and I love it, it isn’t something you try everyday. It is very distinct and unique flavour that suits a burger.