This has been long overdue! Here is a list of the Top 3 places in Sofia you should definitely visit if burgers are your thing. I have been asked plenty of times from friends and people around me so I decided to create this list for all the cities where I have had extensive burger tasting. There is one for London as well!

#3 Burgers on the Road’s Horsepower – 9/10

This is one of the first burgers I tried in Sofia that changed my mind for the Sofia Burger scene. Their additional twist of using horse meat made it even better. It is one of the few places that offered such an option in combination with very good execution.


If you haven’t had horse meat I strongly recommend it, although I can understand why some people may be put off. Burgers on the road make seasonal burgers and update their menus from time to time, so there is always something for everyone.

You can check out the full review for this bad boy here: Burgers on the Road’s Horsepower – 9/10

#2 BDS’s Beef Burger – 8.5/10

The reason the BDS burger is higher on the list although it has a lower score is the concept. I was so happy to see a burger joint in Bulgaria that embraced our own burger and grill culture. Fusing cuisines is a passion of mine and I love seeing it expressed in burgers and this is the first successful Bulgarian fusion.


Homemade, incredibly tasty, classic, Bulgarian white bread for a bun. Great burger patty that emphasises on quality and uses the inspiration of the Bulgarian Kofta and signature ingredients. For sure the burger could have been exectuted better, this is why it isn’t a 10. But if you want to have a Bulgarian burger experience this is the place.

You can check out the full review for this bad boy here: BDS’s Beef Burger – 8.5/10

#1 MEAT’s Meat Burger – 10/10

This one is the very latest additions and I’m happy I waited until the last day of the year before I posted this list. It was a great surprise and it is safe to say this is the best classic British style burger recipe I have tried! Weird that it is made in Sofia.


This also happens to be the first 10/10 in Sofia. Apparently, MEAT is the OG of the Sofia burger scene and I’m sad I have skipped it until now. You can find the burger joint in the centre of the city towards the end of the hipster street in Sofia – Angel Kanchev

You can check out the full review for this bad boy here: MEAT’s Meat Burger – 10/10