This has been long overdue! Here is a list of the Top 3 places in London you should definitely visit if burgers are your thing. I have been asked plenty of times from friends and people around me so I decided to create this list for all the cities where I have had extensive burger tasting. There is one for Sofia as well!

#3 BabaG’s Naga Delhi – 9/10

Even though there are burgers in London with a higher score than BabaG’s Naga Deli burger it was and still is the first burger that truly surprised me. It is a burger that took fusion cuisine on the next level. It is spicy and it isn’t for people with delicate palettes but if you are in for a burger experience that is it.


The lamb patty is great. The combination of flavours is very Indian and nothing you are used to seeing fro a burger. There isn’t a single familiar ingredient in it, yet it is so relatable and tasty. They have few pop-ups here and there and I’ve had consistently good experience in every one.

The full review for this bad boy can be found: BabaG’s Naga Delhi – 9/10

#2 Yen Burger’s Spicy – 10/10

I’m a sucker for a burger recipe that is a fusion. Getting ingredients from a place you are not used to seeing them and then embedding them into something familiar is a difficult task. The Japanese inspired Yen Burgers does exactly that.


Whenever you try fusion recipes frequently you are making a tradeoff between execution and complexity of the recipe. This wasn’t the case. It was a great example of a simple, yet different burger made well with quality ingredients.

The full review for this bad boy: Yen’s Spice Burger – 10/10

#1 MeatMission’s Dead Hippie – 10/10

If someone asks me “Which burger should I try in London? ” my answer will be Dead Hippie at Meat Mission. Recently I went again and had it without the idea of reviewing it just so I can enjoy a great burger. It was still a 10/10. It isn’t a glamorous burger and it doesn’t have a weird recipe, but it is just so good!


It is a very very dirty burger. But it is worth all the messiness. On top of that I think Meat Mission is a great burger joint that has delicious food coma style loaded fried. Good beer choice and many more burgers to try.

You can see the full review for this bad boy: MeatMission’s Dead Hippie – 10/10

Honourable Mentions

There are quite a few places that now serve burgers that are “not burgers” like Plant or Impossible burger. However I don’t think they can ever reach the level of regular beef patty, they can be delicous but not exactly there. If you are trying to be Vegan or Vegeterian the best burger I can recommend, one that I would happily go have myself as a meat eater – Mildreds’ Polish – 9/10


They have several restaurants in London and it is overall a great restaurant for your Vegan and Vegetarian friends.