Burger and Beyond has a really nice atmosphere but I have to admit I was surprised by the smaller size of the burgers, they were big enough to share though. Going with a friend means you can always try more burgers and that is what I did. The bacon butter was another simple recipe, yet I enjoy those a lot these days, because you can see how good the execution is.

How tasty is the Motherf*#$&r? – 6.5/10
This one was vibing in the same way as the previous – a high class junkfood burger. We have all the basics in place, so how is it?

The burger had:

  • Dry Aged Beef Patty
  • Double Ammerican Cheese
  • Crispy Pancetta Bacon
  • Burnt Butter Mayo
  • Onion
  • Seeded Brioche

The meaty flavour profile was expectedly better than the previous burger. The leaner cut of the burger went well with the bacon. I have noticed that a lot of places put bacon on burger but don’t execute it well necesserily and this was a very well made bacon. The pancetta bacon is lighter in my opinion which went quite well with everything around it. I have to say that in few of the bites the bacon was dominating the beef but overall I preffered this to the Cheeseburger I had in Burger and Beyond.

The double American Cheese is what pushed that junkfood vibe. I liked the fact there were two slices because the cheese flavour was preasent in every bite and it was tasty. It is a staple and a classic flavour for the diner style burgers. I have to adimt that the quality wasn’t there but I’m absolutely fine with tat as long as the taste is good and it balances well with the rest of the ingredients and that was the case.

This time I enjoyed the onions quite a bit more. They added the sweetness, acidity and crunch to the whole experience. A very classic topping that in this case balanced very well with the bacon. A bit more pickles or a better burger sauce could have pushed the burger in the right direction but the very delicate burnt butter mayo didn’t really do it for me. If felt lost among everything else.

The brioche was nice, I would have prefered a bit more toast but the burger wasn’t soggy and I really liked the taste of it. It was obviously fresh which made it nice and soft.

Burger joint venue and overall experience? – 7/10

Burgers and beyond offers really good fries and the atmosphere  is of a mid range restaurant. I especially like the contrast between the environment and the types of burgers being served.

Good choice of drinks helps with having a good time.

Quirkiness level of the experience? – 3/10

Nothing too quriky about the burger but I liked the atmosphere at the venue