As a tradition when I go out with my girlfriend to eat burgers, I always try two of them. As said in the previous post for MeatMission I wasn’t expecting much but we both were very pleasantly surprised. Although I’m giving a lower score on this one I want to say that it was a 10 for my other half.

How tasty is the Motherf*#$&r? – 9/10

It has been a time since I had a 10/10 but this was a surprisingly pleasent experience. This is the best junk food I’ve had so far

Size: Small

The burger had:

  • 2x Beef Patties
  • Swiss Cheese
  • Sauerkraut
  • Pastrami
  • Russian Dressing
  • White Bun

The meat was well done, I know for some people that is a turnoff but it was soo juicy! Flavour was there, that heavy meat bite could be felt in every bite. The beef was good quality and filled with spices as it should be. Another aspect that helped the meat factor in the burger was the good quality pastrami. The pepperness and signiture taste really mixed well together with the patty.

The weakness of the burger was the swiss cheese. It wasn’t enough and it was lacking through the bites. The balance wasn’t there just because of the powerful meat flavours so double the amount would of made this burger great.

I love sauerkraut and pushing the burger in that direction I though they would have a pickle for a New Yorker style burger. They didn’t but non the less it was a great relish for the burger and it worked great. Having dominant flavours that balance well is what makes these burgers work well.

They mayo catchup (Russian sauce)  was nice and made the burger the right amount of soggy but with that pastrami I have to admit I was missing the mustard.

Bun was soft, lightly toasted and not sogging through yet very tasty, well executed.

Burger joint venue and overall experience? – 7/10

They have large trays of decent fries with a lot of toppings.  It is best when your burgers drool over the fries.

The jugs of IPA make me very very happy and so does the quality

Quirkiness level of the experience? – 7//10

An interesting recipe for a burger, you don’t see sauerkraut frequently yet it is such a perfect relish.