Last weekend I was trying our Flat Iron Square which is south-west of London Bridge. It is a small place with loads of places for food, open spaces and vendors. Got excited when I saw a small burger joint I’ve never seen or heard before so I went for their signature Spanglish burger.

How tasty is the Motherf*#$&r? – 8.5/10

The Spanglish was exciting to me mainly because of the spanish twist to this british classic of a burger. I was really pleasently surprised.

Size: Medium

The burger had:

  • Aged Galician & Angus Beef Patty
  • Crispy Seranno ham
  • Cheddar
  • Confit Tomato
  • Edu Pickles
  • Smoked Mayo
  • Gem Lettuce
  • Brioche Bread

The meat sounds really good on paper – Aged beef and Angus Beef, and it was pretty good on taste but I think a lot of times these tend to be more marketing than trully what is underneath the hood. I’ve tried aged Angus beef (true not Galician) and normally that tenderness you get in a steak is not really as relevant in a burger. The taste however was good. You could feel that typical strong grassfed beef taste that is normally lost in medium quality meats. Although the meat was good it could have sertainly used a bit more spices to enchance the flavour.

The masterpiece of this burger is the substitute of bacon – serrano ham. Oh holy shit this was good. You get that porky flavour similar to what you may get from a british style bacon, but in the same time it was so much lighter and wasn’t overwhelming any other flavours around it. I absolutely loved it!

Cheddar was good you could feel it through most bites which I think these days is more rare than people think. Nicely melted and  overall nicely balanced with the rest of the burger.

There was lettuce, it wasn’t shredded… Gem lettuce is fine, it tends to be really tender and flavourful but I understand from a restaurant perspective you can’t put a lot from it. But I rather have lower quality lettuce but shredded. This way it won’t spill the sauces but rather contain them. And when I have one or two bites left the patty won’t slip out. Sorry for the rant…

The pickles were nice but only when they were a major part of a bite the rest of the time they weren’t as dominant and I would of loved a bit more because they were really tasty.

I loved the mayo. Smokiness tends to put more body into it but I never really picked up a distinct smokiness from the mayo in a burger. there is just so much going on. Overall it was enough to make your bites a bit more saucy but the bun wasn’t soggy.

Great job guys

Burger joint venue and overall experience? – 7/10

Interesting set of sides and pretty delicious fries so I have to comend that. There wasn’t a large choice of drinks to compliment but there is a beer stand right next to the place so I think that isn’t an issue if you want to match your burger with an IPA like I do.

Quirkiness level of the experience? – 7//10

It is the first time I’m seeing Serrano Ham in a burger and made crispy. It was a simple change of ingredients that made this classic burger so much better so I have to give props to the guys.