A few months ago a good friend of mine opened a little Viking themed pub in Sofia. A place that cherishes meat, beer, and mead. This temple lacked one thing though…burgers. So he asked me to create a burger for the venue and I was flattered and excited about the prospect. I already had an original recipe in the Ibero however another one was due.

As you all know I love themed burgers so I went into a small exploration into the Nordic cuisine. There were few distinct ingredients that kind of shined through and the Nordic burger was born. Now you can find it in RagnaRock.

The Nordic


Burger has:

  • Beef Patty
  • Saute mushroom and onion salad
  • Parsley
  • Danish Blue Cheese
  • Cranberry Sauce

I am really proud of the taste and balance of the burger and I do recommend it for anyone. There although the ingredients are heavy and they mix well together each of the ingredients shines through on its own which is what you want from a burger. After having a few happy faces I can say that the burger is a success.



The next burger that was like by the chefs and introduced to the menu was the Ibero. It was liked for the freshness and the addition of garlic sauce instead of garlic aioli was a huge success (Thank you, Chef Alex). The burger has a very fresh feel balancing out the heavy flavour of chorizo.


The burger had:

  • Beef Patty ( with chorizo and parsley)
  • Emmental Cheese
  • Tomatoes
  • Rocket Salad
  • Garlic Sauce

Although the original recipe was slightly changed I believe it was for the better. You can always ask for a bit more spicy if that is your thing, it goes really well. The Emmental cheese was chosen instead of the manchego because it is limited in Bulgaria and it was not scalable.

The Classic

The classic burger was something simple and something you can find around the world especially in the UK. Yet for the Bulgarian burger scene, it maintains unknown nuances and experiences e.g. the chutney.


The burger had:

  • Beef Patty
  • Cheddar
  • Shredded Lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Mayo
  • Homemade Onion Chutney

Chef Alex amazed me when he decided to quickly make some onion chutney whenever we were discussing the recipes and it ended up tasting amazing. It really rounded up the flavors and made one of the better classic UK burgers I’ve tried.


This was a creation that was concocted on the fly while we were testing out the burgers and it was made by the chefs. It utilized the patty from the Ibero burger but made use of the freshness in a different way. Using cucumbers was genius since they add that crunchy texture that was missing


The burger had:

  • Beef patty ( with chorizo and parsley)
  • Cucumber
  • Mustard Mayo
  • Garlic Sauce
  • Emmental Cheese

The only thing that is missing is some high level of spicy flavour like a habanero that would then be balanced by all the freshness and this would be a great burger!


Overall I’m really thankful to RagnaRock for the opportunity. I learned a lot about creating a burger for a restaurant environment. Considering prices and making sure the ingredients are easily available and easy to store. I’m glad burgers finished the first day and more had to be made for the next day of the burger weekend and the faces of people were the best prize you can get for a burger you’ve created.

I really recommend RagnaRock.It is a place with great food, now it has amazing burgers. Interesting choice of beers to pair with and a really nice atmosphere!