So, Breakfast and Burger was a joint recently recommended by a friend. I was lucky enough to find one close around the city when I was looking for a burger lunch last Friday. Entering a hippstery place with a huge queue and a full place raised my expectations for sure.

How tasty is the Motherf*#$&r? – 6/10

The burgers are very classic in choice and the benefit is that you can add toppings and make your own. You can never go wrong with a classic cheese burger and that is what I went for. It is sad to say that I was quite disappointed.

Size: Medium

The burger had:

  • Beef patty
  • Cheese
  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Pickle
  • White Bun

The patty itself was quite thin and well done. I don’t mind that, in fact I tend to find more flavour in a properly made well done burger. However, this was not the case. The burger was there and was OK in taste, but it was missing so much. The flavour wasn’t strong, it wasn’t well spiced to at least enhance the flavour. At least it was juicy but overall not what you expect from a place that has “burger in its name”

The cheese was processed and not very impressive. The taste was there but nothing special or exciting. The only reason you could feel the single slice of cheese was because the beef wasn’t flavourful enough. Non the less, lets face it we are used to processed cheese for our burgers so it isn’t that bad.

The worst part of everything was the tomato and I’ve said this thousands of times. If you don’t have good tomatoes don’t try to put them in a burger. The pink plastic veggie like thingy really ruined the entire experience and I think I would have enjoyed the burger more if it was gone. (It was after I removed it half way through). The lettuce and onions were nice, nothing too fancy. The onion was sharp and tasty but that was due to lack of balance of the other ingredients.

The pickle rounded up that cheeseburger experience that you might be used to from McDonalds and similar. Overall this is a premium junk food burger place. It isn’t bad but there are better places to go in the area, especially for the money

Burger joint venue and overall experience? – 4/10

The fries weren’t anything exciting or special. There was a small choice of drinks and thankfully an IPA in between them. I personally had a Meantime Pale Ale

Quirkiness level of the experience? – 4//10

Standard as it go. Its not a Breakfast for Five Guys