Since recently I was impressed with one of the special burgers in Patty and Bun decided to bring a friend there and try one of the more classic staples in the menu. I was very surprised and delighted by the previous burger The Duke so I was pretty excited to try something else.

How tasty is the Motherf*#$&r? –7/10

I came with very high expectations this time for Patty and Bun and I have to admit I was slightly disappointed compared to the previous experience I had there.

Burger size: Small

The burger had:

  • Beef Patty
  • Chilli Sobrassada Relish
  • Tomato
  • Lettuce
  • Pickled Onions
  • Ketchup
  •  Smokey P&B Mayo
  • Brioche

The meat was well cooked, it was exactly medium rare and juicy. I can’t say though it had the same fulfilling flavour like the last one. The taste of the beef was not as great there weren’t too many spices or preparation to accentuate the taste. On the other hand it was a very light taste which went well with the overall Spanish theme of the burger. I would of certainly proffered more Iberian flavours inside the burger to bring the taste to a new level.

The sobrassada was the main attraction. It was providing that light spiciness to the burger and a typical Spanish taste. My only critique is the amount. I would of certainly preferred more of it so it could really accentuate the pork sausage taste. It felt a bit more like a chilli paste than the one of the spreadable sausage. The pickled onions were playing very well with it to be honest. The acidity and raw flavour of the onions was the right direction that made your taste buds get excited in different directions

Compared to the last time the lettuce could of been felt more and it was crispy which I really appreciated. It brought that earthy taste so it was for sure the correct green for the recipe. I can’t say the same about the tomato. It was slightly tough and didn’t have the strong flavour you would want. A few cherry tomatoes or a nice big juicy beef tomato would of been prefect.

There are plenty of great Spanish cheeses that would of themed the recipe so much more and would of been a better fit than the general processed cheddar cheese they used. First it wasn’t enough and you couldn’t feel it among the other strong flavours. Even the slightly bland patty was covering its taste.

Mayo and ketchup is a classic. I would of used slightly more acidic ketchup and a bit less compared to the sweet one that was used. But on the other hand the sweetness was going in the right direction with the lightly smoked mayo so I can’t say I’m disappointed. Mayo and ketchup are classics on a burger and they are always good, it can be just a bit better.

Burger joint venue and overall experience? – 7/10

As per usual the fries were really nice. They helped cleanse the pallet and were really tasty. The smoky mayo they are served with helps a lot for the great experience with the fries.

This time I had a nice Shapeshifter IPA which is nice hoppy and fruity ale to compliment such a burger so I do recommend it.

Quirkiness level of the experience? – 6/10

This was a nice recipe I haven’t seen anywhere else. It could be improved and play more with the Spanish theme but it was good.