So I have a Patty and Bun joint next to work. Years ago I tried it before I started this blog and I wasn’t impressed and I was constantly postponing trying it and reviewing it. It is safe to say I was very impressed.

How tasty is the Motherf*#$&r? – 9.5/10

This is one of those burgers which were amazing in taste. you could feel almost every ingredient. The negatives are pretentious but the overall execution was great hence the high score.

Burger size: Small

The burger had:

  • Aged Beef Patty
  • Lettuce
  • Double Vintage cheddar
  • Silverskin Pickled Onion Jam
  • Bacon
  • Mayo
  • Brioche

The meat is great I have to say it is for sure one of the best I’ve tried in the London area and it was as good as the Scottish ones I tend to be a fan of. Through every bite you could feel the beef it wasn’t overwhelming and it was very nicely spiced. Having so many strong ingredients and pulling such a strong taste is difficult so props to that.

The bacon is how I like it not too crispy and you can feel the pork nicely. My only critique is that I would chop it so it is more easy to bite through. The juicy bacon added to the greasiness of the burger and you all no I like soggy burgers. This one might of been a tad too soggy but I rarely love the bacon in the burger as much so thank you.

The cheese was a lot as it should be. It was quite greasy but you could feel it in every bite. The fact that I could pick it off the wrap was great it means it is in the right amount. A strong vintage cheddar as the one they use is always a good choice whenever you have so many powerful ingredients and it simply balances out.

Silverskin Pickled Onion Jam… yes. I’ve said it multiple times but this is one of the best sweet relishes you can put on a burger and it didn’t disappoint. Onions are great for any burger just because they go so well with the meat but when you make it the jam suddenly the cheeses explode and compliment it perfectly

My only comment is about the lettuce. With so much grease it is soggy so you don’t get its crunch and you really can’t feel any of it so either don’t put it at all or put a lot of it in the end so it is fresh and crunchy.

Mayo is a great sauce base that you can play around with or keep it simple like they did, good choice.

Burger joint venue and overall experience? – 7/10

The burger joint has a nice selection of sides and chips. The chips were really good they are skin on and in large quantities. If the small burger won’t fill you, they will. They have a rotating beer and have guest beers which is really nice if you like new experiences every time. This once since it was work lunch I didn’t go for an ale but the selection looked nice.

Quirkiness level of the experience? – 5/10

I wouldn’t say there was something very special about the joint except for the fact it is always packed and the burger was really really tasty. It doesn’t have a lot of seating but that is what you get with high in demand place