So I was back in London and was time to go around for a walk and end up at a burger joint for lunch. Luckily when I got hungry there was a Gourmet Burger Kitchen close by so decided to review a tasty burger.

How tasty is the Motherf*#$&r? – 6.5/10

Previous times I’ve been to GBK I haven’t been very impressed. They always have amazing recipes on paper however the execution is always lacking. The Moroccan was certainly better than others I’ve had but still had the same issue.

The burger had:

  • Moroccan spiced beef
  • Smoked Applewood chedar
  • Harissa mayo
  • Courgette fritti
  • Rocket salad
  • Pickled Onions
  • Turmeric Bun

As per usual lets start with the meat. Even though it was “Moroccan spiced” I couldn’t really feel anything particular about its flavour. It was certainly the other ingredients that ware accentuating the beef flavour. The quality was OK but nothing impressive the beef on its own wouldn’t of been as great if it wasn’t for all the other parts of the recipe.

The courgettes fritti were something I got hyped. You could feel the taste of the veggie if you ate the courgette on its own however within a bite the only distinct part was the crunchiness and the taste of the batter. It wasn’t bad but was certainly making the burger more heavy without really the need for it.

The applewood cheddar is one of the best you can put in a burger because of the smoky flavour and distinct taste but please put a bit more so it can be felt especially when you have so many other strong spices like the turmeric or the harrisa mayo. The batter wasn’t helping for revealing its taste. The one bite in which there was extra cheese it was amazing but outside of it it was slightly dissapointing

Rocket salad is one of the top greens you can put on a burger because when exposed to some oil it really changes its taste to a very meaty like flavour which compliments the burger so well.

The pickled onions was the sour aspect of the burger that was really binding it all together and balancing it out. I loved it my only critique is that it could of been more because some bites with a lot of batter and meat were loosing their balance.

Harissa mayo is always a good choice whenever you want to provide a bit more spice to your burger but I would put slightly more harissa into it just so I can accentuate the spices which would of gone so well with the rest of the burger if they were taste was stronger.

The centerpiece of that burger was certainly the turmeric bun. The taste was amazing it went well with everything and provided a very nice base flavour.

Burger joint venue and overall experience? – 7/10

The fries at GBK are always great and you do have a nice selection of sides for any foodie so I do recommend it

Beer of choice: Brewdog Punk IPA

IPAs in my humble opinion are the best drink for a burger since they help clear your pallet and are a great refreshments. Brewdog’s Punk is certainly a light staple that will help with that.

Quirkiness level of the experience? – 7/10

The burger recipe was very interesting especially with that turmeric bun. The burger would of been great with slightly better execution.