Tonic is one of those places in Dundee where you can get a large variety of burgers with the quirkiest meats. Long time ago I had a crocodile burger. I loved it and was excited to review it but burgers were out, so I settled for Zebra. Let’s face it you don’t have zebra every day especially in the UK

How tasty is the Motherf*#$&r? – 7/10

Tonic is quirky and let me tell you why

Size: Large

The burger had:

  • Zebra patty
  • Stilton Blue Cheese
  • Red Onion Chutney
  • Bacon Dust
  • Pretzel bun

So I don’t think it would be to anyone’s surprise, but  the Zebra had a taste very similar to horse. Now since there are no zebras in Scotland ( wow shocker ) the meat was frozen, sadly you could feel it. From what I sense the burgers are ready, so they are not adding additional spices and that could be felt. Maybe be frozen minced meat more spices could be added to accentuate the zebra flavour but lets not be too picky we are here for the weird meat that you can’t find anywhere. Although lean meat and flavourful like the horse one the zebra has slightly gamier taste.

Now If you ask me stilton blue cheese is one of the best things you can have on a burger especially with other strong flavours especially the zebra in this case. The combination was nice. It was going to be even better if the meat was properly spiced.

With the blue cheese another ingredient that from experience go well with it is onion chutney or caramelized onions. The way the taste balances is really perfect, and you always have those strong flavours fighting for dominance in you mouth.

I couldn’t really feel the bacon dust so maybe add more or put crunchy bacon and combine it with melted blue cheese ( I should try that myself )

Last time I had the pretzel bun it was certainly fresher. I love the texture and the salty accent it is a type of bun that can be used more and really integrated with the recipe. This one can use some work but still good

Burger joint venue and overall experience? – 6/10

Tonic’s fries are nothing special can’t really get excited about the, but on the other hand you can’t go wrong with IPA or cocktails. I recommend a nice IPA with a burger… always. It is an overall lively place but considering the burgers and hot dogs they offer I would expand the craft ale list. They really compensate with variety of burger combinations and I really like how they structure their menu ( although I liked tailored menus rather than pick and choose)

Quirkiness level of the experience? – 8/10

Talking about quirky, lets face it, you don’t have meats like crocodile, kangaroo, ostrdige, buffalo etc. every day especially out of their region. So, if you want to go quirky with a burger that is the place.