Baba G’s make one of the best and quirkiest burgers in London. It is safe to say I was excited to go back there for a taste of their Indian style. As I expected I wasn’t disappointed with the burger

How tasty is the Motherf*#$&r? – 8.5/10

This burger is vert similar to the Naga Deli I tried in the burger joint however it is has a more complex recipe. The balance was there but wasn’t as perfect and I think with a slightly better execution this burger can certainly hit a 10/10

The burger had:

  • Lamp Batty
  • Crispy Onion Bhaji
  • Mango Pulp
  • Mint and Cumin Riatha
  • Black Onion Seed Brioche

The patty was as complex as the previous one I had. It is a patty which is very different from the other burger joints since there are ingredients like coriander, cumin and chilly which really push the meat flavour in a quirky direction. It is light to medium spicy ( although recently a friend told me it is too spicy for some pallets ) . You can really fell the taste from the lamb and the spices really exaggerate the flavour in a perfect way. My only comment is this time the patty was slightly dry (that is how we push for the 10/10 )

The onion bhaji really reminds you of a burger with some kind of potatoes. They really provide that texture. The taste however is very different. The last time the onion had a stronger sensation which I liked this time the tasty batter had the accent. The balance between the two would of been the perfect favour

Lets talk about the sauces because I believe they really manage to pull the experience in a different direction. The riatha with its yogurt base is a perfect addition to any lamb in my opinion and really manages to soften the taste of the chilli it is a perfect sauce for that burger.
And then comes that mango pulp sauce. It goes great with the riatha and adds that sweet tangy flavour. It manages to add a new sensation to your taste buds and bring balance to the entire recipe

As stated before. This is one of the best buns you can have on a burger because it isn’t simply a meat holder but rather a part of the recipe. Sadly this time the seeds didn’t have that specific taste, maybe it matters how fresh they are. The grilled bun wasn’t getting soggy and still had that great crunch though.


Burger joint venue and overall experience? – 5/10

The burger joint is at a great location. It is a small shack serving great burgers and the fries are pretty good. Although to be honest it is the sauces that come with them that make them great. Fries themselves are definitely something that can be improved.

Beverage: Beaver Town’s Gamma Ray

For this burger, I would recommend the “Gamma Ray” pale ale. It is clearing the pallet perfectly for the next bite although I think a hoppier ale would go even better.

Quirkiness level of the experience? – 9/10

In terms of quirkiness it is as good as it gets. All the burgers have an Asian twist and the experience is a must try.  I’m pretty amazed how they managed to put typical  spices and flavours from the eastern part of the world into a food that is so western in its origin. These are among the most innovative recipes in the burger world and I heavily recommend them.