How tasty is the Motherf*#$&r? – 7/10

I’ve been to Street Chefs before in Bulgaria, it is one of the more renowned places in Sofia and it serves very good burgers. It was time to try something else than the chef’s special

  • brioche bread
  • beef patty
  • melted gorgonzola
  • arugula
  • tomato concasse
  •  basil pesto

This was a burger with a very “fresh” taste because of all the greens and tomatoes and pesto. It was certainly different from what I’ve tried before.
The sauce or rather combination of them was very unique, it kind of gave it this Italian vibe and added freshness to it especially combined with the arugula. This is a burger that you would have in the summer. The combination of ingredients definitely gave it a light feel.
I love slightly burned brioche it adds this additional tastes of charcoal that goes very well with any meat and bread. However, the bread was not the freshest it was a bit dry on the inside which ruined the experience a bit.
For a second time, I’m struggling to like the beef patty at this place. Don’t get me wrong it is not bad but it isn’t the centrepiece of the burger. It lacks seasoning and it is a bit plain. I also would argue that medium shouldn’t have raw meat in the middle.
Gorgonzola was nice and it went well with the salad part but if the beef patty was more exciting it was going to loose its punch. Maybe that is what they were going for?

Burger joint venue and overall experience? – 4/10

It is a street style caravan, the service is good but you lack that enthusiastic spark from the burger chefs who are also at the counter.

Quirkiness level of the experience? – 6/10

Caravan in the middle of town with a nice place to sit open a beer and smoke but nothing special. However, I’ve never tried a burger like that before so I’m going to give credit for that. That “salad” feel to the burger was interesting and different to the standard lettuce/tomato/pickle you taste on most burgers.